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    As an employer and a business owner, it comes under your purview to check the safety of all your staff members and employees. As an employer, it is your duty to provide a safe working environment to your employees, and for that, you need to ensure that all your fire equipment and plans are in place by getting help from the experts.

    Adelaide fire safety services offer a variety of fire solutions for businesses and organizations. We offer fire protection and fire management solutions for businesses situated in Adelaide. Our services are fully compliant with the Australian standards. According to the WHS, all commercial buildings should have fire equipment installed in the correct location, and all the fire safety equipment should be serviced regularly.

    Our mission is to be an associate degree example of radical honesty for our customers throughout once the complete project period.

    01 100% Customer’s satisfaction

    100% Customer’s satisfaction

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    03 Consistency


    electrical test and tag Adelaide
    Developing, implementing and reviewing

    Occupational Health Safety Management Plans

    Workplace training needs to be tailored to the specific needs of your workplace.Establish a training and induction program for new or transferring workers as well as systems for the ongoing training of current workers.


    Test-tag Services Adelaide

    Under current legislation and Australian Standards, as a business you are needed to test all electrical hardware of the “plug in” type in the work environment and allinformation is to be reported and kept up.

    Adelaide Test and Tagging
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    Why Choose us?

    • We are a registered firm, and we work according to the relevant Australian standards.
    • Our team members and service vehicles are equipped with the mobile phones so that they can give you quick response during the time of emergency.
    • All the hired members are qualified and are experienced in work assigned to them.
    • With the knowledge and experience of our workmen, we are proud to say that we can maintain and service all the brands of fire systems irrespective of their manufacturer.
    • The advantage of hiring us over other fire safety companies is that our staff is capable of performing the entire project from start to finish with efficiency. Many companies outsource the in-ground works to other contractors, which increases the cost of the work.
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    Our Aim

    • We aim to safeguard your property and life from fire hazards. We are your partner in fire protection. We understand that every client has a specific need, and we use our expertise to offer you our services that suit your budget, business, and risks.
    • We offer the most suitable fire solutions and safety management Adelaide to our customers to ensure that their safety is taken care of properly.
    • Our company is committed to ensuring that all our customers are safe from fire hazards. We offer our extensive services to provide protection from fire hazards.
    • It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what your specific requirements are; we will arrange a meeting to clear your head and to find out what is best for you. Even if you are completely unknown to the emergency safety provisions, our team members will guide and educate you regarding the same.
    • It doesn’t matter if you are a small business or a big organization – fire safety Adelaide will take care of your fire safety needs and occupational health Adelaide. According to the national and local regulations, every commercial property owner needs to maintain the essential safety equipment. Our company can seamlessly keep you fully compliant at all times. We will maintain, repair, and provide you with the equipment necessary for

    Why is there a need for the maintenance of equipment and systems?

    Regulatory authority needs fire equipment and protective systems to be regularly tested and maintained. Regular maintenance of the equipment increases its life expectancy and reduces its operating costs. In addition, you also get peace of mind that all the fire protection equipment is working in the right order in case any emergency occurs.

    How we can help

    Our Services

    We offer all the Adelaide fire solutions to keep you and your employees safe from fire hazards. All the work that we do is compliant with Australian standards and the building code of Australia. We can take care of all your fire safety needs, including:

    • Fire extinguishers
    • Fire blankets
    • Fire hose reel
    • Exit light Testing / Emergency Exit Light Testing
    • Fire / Smoke Door
    • Evacuation plan management
    • 3 Phase Appliance Testing

    Under our regular scheduled program, we provide the following:

    Testing of all the equipment and fire protection systems in compliance with Australian Standards.

    Repair and replace the Fire Safety Equipment Adelaide components when needed.

    Recording all our work in the fire equipment logbook and providing the inspection certification.

    Inspection and testing

    Inspection and testing are also required weekly on the systems like thermal alarms and smoke alarms, along with annual testing of the hydrant services and hose reels. All the inspection and testing work is completed according to Australian standards and regulations.


    Maintaining a fire protection system is one of the most crucial parts of the commercial building program. Insurance policies also mention that the fire protection of a building should maintain Australian standards and provide the proper protection to keep the people working in the area safe.

    Fire Safety Service

    Fire Safety Service

    Fire Protection Services include normal review, testing and support of Fire Safety Equipment including fire extinguishers and homegrown smoke alarms.

    Tag Services Adelaide

    Test-Tag Services Adelaide

    You’ll have peace of mind knowing your equipment is working well and your customers are safe from electrical dangers

    Smoke Alarm Testing Adelaide

    Smoke Alarm Testing Adelaide

    Adelaide Fire and Safety administration guarantees that every property is agreeable with the smoke caution enactment material in its state.

    Fire Blanket Testing Adelaide

    Fire Blanket Testing Adelaide

    A fire blanket is a wellbeing gadget, typically made accessible alongside other fire security hardware, for example, fire dousers, which can be utilized to help smothering unplanned flames.

    Portable Appliance Testing Adelaide

    Portable Appliance Testing Adelaide

    A fire blanket is a wellbeing gadget, typically made accessible alongside other fire security hardware, for example, firedousers, which can be utilized to help smothering unplanned flames.

    Domestic Testing Adelaide

    Domestic Testing Adelaide

    A large number of our services that are regularly utilized by organizations to remain OH&S consistent are also valuable in thehome regarding wellbeing and property insurance.

    Fire Extinguisher Testing Adelaide

    Fire Extinguisher Testing Adelaide

    Adelaide Fire and Safety administration guarantees that every property is agreeable with the smoke caution enactment material inits state.

    Microwave Testing Testing Adelaide

    Microwave Testing Testing Adelaide

    At whatever point a microwave is turned on, radioactive energy is created making the water in food vibrate quickly. This fastvibration produces heat, which thus prepares the food.

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    Fire Protection Equipment Testing

    For Starters, Fire Protection Equipment Testing is part and parcel of your business obligations for Australian businesses and ought to be done every 6 months. There are professional testing services that businesses can use to get their Fire Protection Equipment tested and ensure that they are in the condition they should be in. The process is usually an uncomplicated one and need not be expensive either.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Typically any electrical item that has a power lead that is plugged into a power point needs to be inspected, tested and tagged on a regular basis.

    It is essential to test and tag all portable and non-portable electrical appliances with a flexible and detachable supply lead in your workplace. Portable appliances are located in more areas than you may realise; like the office kitchen or construction areas.

    Our technicians come across many electrical dangers and hazards. Some of the most frequently electrical safety hazards include faulty wiring, RCD’s and earth systems. There are many different kinds of workplace hazards it is best to get a professional to inspect them.

    Testing frequency differs between workplace based on circumstances including levels of risks involved and where the equipment is being used. Most businesses only require yearly inspections however there are some workplaces that have high risk environments and therefore need more frequent testing from daily to monthly.

    While new items don’t require testing, they must still be tagged ‘once in service’ following the requirements of AS/NZS 3760.

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