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    Fire Extinguisher Testing

    For starters, fire extinguisher testing is part and parcel of your business obligations for Australian businesses and ought to be done every 6 months. There are professional testing services that businesses can use to get their fire extinguishers tested and ensure that they are in the condition they should be in.The process is usually an uncomplicated one and need not be expensive either.

    Why do I need my fire extinguisher tested?

    The WHS Act expects working environments to have fire security and fire fighting gear. This hardware should be appropriate for the risks in your work environment. Additionally, it should be appropriately:

    • Installed
    • Tested
    • Maintained

    Fire Hose Reel Testing

    Fire hose reels are utilized to enhance crisis fire quencher in the work environment. The Building Code of Australia expresses that they need should be accessible in fire compartments with a story zone more prominent than 500m2.

    At Adelaide Fire and Safety Services our profoundly prepared experts can assess and test your hose reel ensuring that you are agreeable with Australian Safe Work principles and obviously guaranteeing that your fire security gear is up to standard if there should a rise an occurrence of a crisis.

    Fire Blanket Testing

    A fire blanket is a wellbeing gadget, typically made accessible alongside other fire security hardware, for example, fire dousers, which can be utilized to help smothering unplanned flames. They work on the rule that covering a fire starves it oxygen, and is usually used to extinguish chip-container fires, just as real fires.

    The assistance of fire cover testing offered by Adelaide Fire and Safety can guarantee that this fundamental fire security gear is working appropriately

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