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    Ensure Your Safety with Our Test and Tag

    In today's fast-paced world, electrical equipment and tools are an integral part of our daily routine. We use them at work, home, and even while travelling. But, have you ever thought about the safety and security measures of these appliances? Are they safe to use? Are they regularly checked for any electrical hazards?

    This is where Adelaide Fire and Safety steps in to provide you with the best Test and Tag Services Adelaide-wide. Our team of experts has years of experience in electrical maintenance and service, and we offer fire safety services to businesses, organizations, and homes that prioritize hazard prevention and electrical maintenance. Our test and tag Adelaide costs are very reasonable, ensuring that everyone can afford our services.

    Don't Compromise On Safety - Test And Tag Your Appliances

    Every business starts with good intentions, but with time, we tend to overlook some essential areas of our business, increasing risks and hazards. Electrical tools and equipment are one such area that should not be ignored. Regular testing and tagging are crucial to ensure the safety and security of people who work with or use these appliances.

    At Adelaide Fire and Safety, we understand the importance of test and tag services to eradicate electrical hazard risks. Our team provides the best test and tagging services in Adelaide to businesses, organizations, and homes, ensuring that everyone is safeguarded from any preventable harm and hazards. Don't compromise on safety and security - test and tag all your appliances and tools with us and ensure a safer and better environment for everyone.

    How Important Is Test and Tag Adelaide for Workplace Safety?

    In industries like mining, demolition, and construction, electrical equipment and tools are not just essential, they're downright dangerous. That's why it's crucial to have them tested and certified every three months. But did you know that the tag colour changes based on when it was last tested? It's like a visual reminder that safety should always be top of mind.

    Even if your business is not in a high-risk industry, getting your appliances, tools, and equipment tested and tagged regularly is a smart move. It can help reduce the risk of electrical shocks and damages, which means less lost production time and a better workplace for everyone.

    Regular Adelaide Test and Tagging can also enhance workplace relations and protect you from expensive improvement notices that could put your business and personal assets at risk. So why take chances when you can take charge of your safety with Test and Tag Services Adelaide?

    RCD Safety Switch Testing

    The "Lingering Current Device," commonly known as RCD or safety switch, is an electric shock saver in case of contact with a live wire. It offers a level of security that regular wires and circuit breakers cannot provide.

    If your property was built in Australia from 1990 until now, RCDs should be installed on power circuits. Meanwhile, homes constructed after 2000 should also have RCDs on light circuits. However, if your property was built before these dates, RCDs might not be present.

    We have found that fixed RCDs are 97% reliable, and this reliability can be enhanced if they are regularly tested. By having fixed RCD protection, you can reduce the risk of electric shock to you and your family. Furthermore, it can also protect your home against the risk of fire caused by faulty wiring or appliances. So, why take the risk? Get your RCD Safety Switch tested today!

    Electrical Test and Tag Adelaide

    Attention business owners! It's mandatory to regularly test "plug-in" electrical devices at your workplace according to Australian Standards and legislation.

    As Electrical Test and Tag Adelaide process require attention to ensure the safety of employees, contractors, and customers who use electrical appliances. The process involves the following steps:

    Visual Inspection: The appliance is evaluated visually for evidence of deterioration such as frayed wires, cracks, and loose fittings.

    Electrical Testing: The appliance is checked for electrical problems such as earth leakage, insulation resistance, and polarity using a Portable Appliance Tester.

    Tagging: If the appliance passes the inspection and testing, it is tagged with a long-lasting label that includes the date of testing, the next due date for testing, and the name of the person who performed the testing.

    Reporting: For each appliance, a detailed report is provided, documenting the test findings, any problems discovered, and any suggestions for repairs or replacement.

    Record Keeping: All testing and tagging findings are recorded and kept in a database, giving a comprehensive history of each appliance's testing and maintenance.

    Where Electrical Test and Tag Adelaide is Mandatory?


    It's crucial to keep up with your equipment maintenance and record-keeping. Here's an overview of the types of equipment that require an electrical test and tag Adelaide service to keep your workplace safe and compliant with regulations.

    • Low-risk environments typically include offices, classrooms, and other non-hostile workplaces.
    • Fixed electrical gear
    • Fixed hardware weighing over 18kg without handles for lifting.


    • Portable equipment, including kitchen appliances and power tools, requires regular inspection and maintenance.
    • Fixed equipment, such as electric saws and heaters, should also be inspected regularly in high-risk environments.
    • Any type of portable equipment, regardless of its specific function, must be carefully monitored to ensure workplace safety.

    Portable Appliance Testing

    Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is an essential practice that serves multiple purposes, making it crucial for maintaining workplace safety. Here are just a few reasons why conducting PAT is so important:

    • Keep your workplace safe from electrical shocks and fires caused by faulty machines.
    • Stay compliant with Occupational Health and Safety guidelines through regular PAT.
    • Ensure your machines are operating efficiently and effectively, boosting productivity.

    Portable Appliance Testing is like a safety shield that helps to detect any potential risks before they occur.

    Our skilled technicians use the most advanced PAT testing equipment to ensure that your equipment and machinery are safe to use after testing. We provide you with a detailed report of all tested equipment and remind you of scheduled maintenance so that you never miss a test.

    With our expert testing team, you can fulfil your workplace safety obligations effortlessly. We prioritize prevention, ensuring that you can feel secure from potential hazards while we take care of workplace safety.

    Domestic Testing

    We offer a range of services that businesses use to comply with OH&S regulations, and that homeowners can benefit from to safeguard their well-being and property. At Adelaide Fire and Safety, we prioritize the safety of your home and loved ones by offering thorough testing and tagging services for your electrical equipment. Our team ensures that your appliances are free from electric shocks and short circuits, giving you peace of mind and protection for your valuable belongings. Trust us to keep your home safe and secure.

    Earth Fault Loop Impedance

    An earth loop impedance test guarantees that your electrical circuit's issue current is strong enough to trigger the circuit protection in case of a fault. Overheating and fire risks can arise from undetected issue currents, making it a critical test to maintain electrical safety.

    Why Business Owners Should Prioritize Impedance Testing?

    As a business owner, ensuring a safe workplace for your employees is crucial. Short-circuit fires pose a serious threat to the safety of your staff and can result in costly damages. With over 20,000 fires attended to by the New Zealand Fire Service every year, don't become a statistic - take action to protect your property today.

    Why Should You Care About Impedance Testing At Home?

    Ensure the safety of your loved ones and protect your home from electrical faults. Short circuits can happen in any residence, so as a homeowner, landlord or property manager, it's important to prioritize regular electrical testing throughout your domestic environment.

    Microwave Testing

    Microwaves use the power of radiation to cook food by causing water molecules in it to vibrate and generate heat. This radiation can penetrate living tissue and pose health risks. Stay safe by understanding the dangers and proper use of this common kitchen appliance.

    As soon as you switch off your microwave, the microwaves stop, but until then, you could be exposing yourself to potentially dangerous levels of radiation leakage.

    What Makes Microwaves Leak Radiation?

    With each forceful slam, every bit of soil or leftover crumbs becomes lodged in the nooks and crannies of the door seals and hinges. Over time, the essential wear and tear of everyday use may cause the broiler door to slightly detach from the stove's protective enclosure.

    As a result, invisible but extremely hazardous microwaves can leak through the tiny gap, wreaking irreversible damage and harm on unsuspecting users. Don't take any chances with your microwave's safety! Microwave spillage testing can determine whether it's still safe to use.

    3(Three) Phase Appliance Testing

    At Adelaide Fire and Safety, we've got you covered with our top-notch, fully compliant 3 phase testing service. Our skilled technicians boast years of experience in testing and tagging various three-phase appliances, including those with 4 and 5 plugs and current ratings from 10A to 32A.

    We understand the importance of minimal disruption to your daily operations, so we keep downtime to a minimum - just a few minutes! You can opt for a one-off check or include three-phase appliance testing and tagging as part of our routine test and tag service in Adelaide.

    Stay Safe with Adelaide's Test and Tag Pros!

    At Adelaide Fire and Safety, we understand the importance of electrical safety in every business, no matter its size. That's why we take pride in being the leading compliance specialist for electrical test and tag services in Adelaide. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that your premises meet all the necessary electrical safety standards and regulations.

    Whether you have acquired new tools or undergone installations, it is crucial to take the right measures to ensure that everything is fit for purpose and free of any kind of threat. Our high-class test and tag services in Adelaide provide you with the assurance you need to keep your premises safe and secure.

    So, whether you are a small business or a large corporation, trust Adelaide Fire and Safety to deliver expert test and tag Adelaide services that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

    Why Trust Adelaide Fire And Safety For Test And Tag Adelaide Services?

    With years of experience in the industry, we use only certified equipment to provide our test and tagging services. Our expert team performs all tests carefully and thoroughly, all while offering very reasonable test and tag prices in Adelaide.

    We're not just a one-time service provider. We aim to build long-lasting relationships with all our clients to ensure their safety compliance is maintained with ease. Our Adelaide test and tagging experts keep up with the latest industry developments and meet all pre-set safety standards.

    Reliable Reminder Service for Hassle-Free Compliance

    We offer a reminder service for various environments and appliances, so you never have to worry about staying compliant. When you choose to work with us, you'll be hiring a team that goes above and beyond for its clients. Trust us to handle all your equipment, tools, and appliances with care and precision

    Years Of Expertise

    Our team of experts has spent years mastering the art of testing and tagging, making us the go-to experts in Adelaide. Trust us to deliver the best possible results, exceeding Australian safety standards every time.

    Comprehensive Testing

    Our portable appliance testers allow us to conduct thorough testing on all your appliances, even identifying faults and leakages that may go unnoticed by the naked eye. With us, you can rest assured that your workplace is a safe environment for everyone.

    Swift And Efficient

    We know how valuable your time is, which is why we take pride in our quick and efficient services. Our team will ensure minimal disruptions to your staff and workflow, so you can get back to business in no time.

    Prevention Is a Top Priority

    At Adelaide Fire and Safety, safety is our top priority. Our highly experienced and exceptionally trained professionals will ensure that prevention is at the forefront of our services, giving you the peace of mind, you deserve. Trust us to keep your workplace safe and secure.

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