Smoke Alarm Testing Services Adelaide

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    Smoke Alarm Testing Services Adelaide

    There are over 20,000 house fires in Australia every year. Smoke alarms save lives when they are properly installed, correctly located and operating as expected. However, 1 in every 3 homes that we visit for the first time don’t have a working smoke alarm, putting occupant lives at risk.

    To reduce this risk, annual servicing of smoke alarms is recommended nationally and mandated in a number of states.

    Why Smoke Alarm Testing for?

    Adelaide Fire and Safety administration guarantees that every property is agreeable with the smoke caution enactment material in its state. That way, we can help keep tenants safe and guarantee landowners and property administrators are satisfying their consistence commitments.

    Adjusting is completed by exceptionally prepared specialists utilizing our cutting edge innovation to guarantee the guidelines pertinent in your state are applied and the property’s consistence is guaranteed.

    A smoke alarm is one of the best fire protection systems that you can install to keep you, your family, your workplace, your home, and your assets safe. A smoke alarm is a fast-response way to alert the occupant of your building about fire so that they can move out safely as fast as possible. Since smoke alarms play such an important role in keeping your buildings safe, yearly smoke alarm system inspection and testing are pretty vital.

    Why Professional Smoke Alarm Testing is Important?

    A smoke alarm consists of a lot more than the fire annunciator panel and the smoke deters. This system is quite deeper and has many elements that are not visible. Therefore, you may not be capable to check out each element of the smoke alarm system daily. But, with a routine smoke alarm testing Adelaide service, the different parts of the system are tested to ensure that they are in proper working condition. This includes the alert/alarm methods, manual pull station, duct detectors, heat and smoke detectors, main alarm panel, annunciator panels, and a lot more.

    Protect Yourself With Our Outstanding Smoke Alarm Testing Services

    Adelaide Fair And Safety’s complete annual smoke alarm testing service guarantees that every property remains compliant with the specific smoke alarm legislation. This way, we can assist you to keep the occupants of your building safe and guarantee that the property managers ad landlords meet the compliance obligations. Our smoke alarm testing services are carried out by our well-trained fire safety Adelaide experts using advanced technologies to guarantee that the regulations in your region are applied and compliance is assured.

    Every Year, Our Excellent Smoke Alarm Services Include:

    • Safety Checks
    • We perform a maintenance check on every alarm, including button, smoke, and decibel tests
    • Smoke Alarm Replacement
    • We can replace expired or faulty smoke alarms, even free callouts
    • Battery Replacement
    • Our experts offer free smoke alarm battery replacements
    • Digitally Recorded
    • Geo-located photos and time/date of every smoke alarm to offer peace of mind
    • Smoke Alarm Positioning
    • A complete evaluation for proper alarm positioning for ensuring compliance
    • Compliance Report
    • Our Adelaide fire solutions experts offer a compliance report also to detail the compliance of the property with every smoke alarm legislation.

    Call Adelaide Fire and Safety For Smoke Alarm Testing

    We have years of experience and knowledge in offering fire protection services to businesses, restaurants, government buildings, and organizations in Adelaide. Our main focus is on the safety of our clients. We wish to make sure that your property, valuables, and employees remain safe from the danger of fires. Our experts take great pride in our “CLIENT-FIRST” approach and do all it takes to ensure that your valuables and property remain protected from potential fire hazards and your building meets the fire safety codes of Australia. The best thing that comes by partnering with us is that we can be your one-stop solution for your fire protection services.

    A well-functioning fire alarm can save you a lot of time if a fire occurs on your property. It is vital to get your smoke alarm tested regularly to guarantee the utmost protection from fire. We, at Adelaide Fire and Safety, know to test the alarms thoroughly and keep on top of safety. Our competent customer service team keeps detailed reports of the tests and results and can also recommend you when an update on the system is required. We can also offer scheduled maintenance services to manage smoke alarm testing obligations with ease.

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