Fire Blanket Testing Adelaide

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    Fire Blanket Testing Adelaide

    A fire blanket is a wellbeing gadget, typically made accessible alongside other fire security hardware, for example, fire dousers, which can be utilized to help smothering unplanned flames. They work on the rule that covering a fire starves it oxygen, and is usually used to extinguish chip-container fires, just as real fires.

    The assistance of fire cover testing offered by Adelaide Fire and Safety can guarantee that this fundamental fire security gear is working appropriately.

    We at Adelaide Fire and Safety know about how significant fire covers can be in extinguishing working environment fires. We offer fire cover testing administrations for a wide range of fire wellbeing instruments to guarantee that they don’t breakdown when required.

    We have an able group of experts that play out the entirety of the fundamental fire cover tests to guarantee that there is no flaw in them. The tests we perform are according to the rules set by the Australian work environment wellbeing principles.

    If you are a business, you should know that fire blankets are one of the essential items in your fire safety kit. Like all other fire safety equipment, fire blankets also need a regular inspection for wear and tear to ensure that it is in the right working order. During fire emergencies, a fire blanket should be the first thing that you should reach for, and you need to be confident that it will work fine in extinguishing the fire.

    A fire blanket is designed so that it can address the large flames that are difficult to extinguish. A fire blanket can be used for the fire caused due to chemicals, grease, or oil; as such, fire cannot be extinguished using a fire extinguisher or water.

    A fire blanket is essential, especially in the commercial area where flammable substances are used or where the risk of fire is present. At the time of need, everyone expects fire blankets to extinguish the fire immediately. However, one should remember that a fire blanket may fail to do so if it is not properly maintained and inspected. For this reason, the Australian Government requires that fire blankets undergo inspection and testing regularly. Australian standard of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 WA requires every business owner to have their fire blankets tested and inspected every six months.

    Accessibility of fire blankets

    A fire blanket should be assigned such a location where it is clearly visible and accessible. It should be installed according to the safety standards of the Australian Government.

    Fire blanket Signage

    The signage should be such that it highlights the usage and availability of the fire blanket. It should be clearly visible and has clear instructions with the record label attached.

    Fire blanket inspection

    The fire blanket should be examined thoroughly for any sign of wear and tear, and it should be correctly folded according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It is important to note here that a fire blanket is designed to be used only once. The best location for the fire blanket is near the exit, and it should have an Australian Standard symbol on the packaging, which shows if it is approved and safe to use.

    Fire blanket testing by the experts

    All the commercial owners trust us when it comes to fire blanket inspection and testing. Fire blanket testing is necessary for the compliance of workplace safety. Any carelessness with regard to fire safety Adelaide can cause big issues in the future.

    When you hire us for fire blanket testing, our experts arrive at the site on time and inspect the fire blanket fully according to the government regulations.

    Our experts have the experience and the knowledge to ensure that the test is performed with all the regulatory standards. We also provide all the reports of each test performed, which work as proof of inspection, which you can show to the governing authorities.

    Fire blanket testing Adelaide has decades of experience in testing fire equipment, and our team members are both polite and professional. We will ensure that our inspection doesn’t disturb your daily routine, which is why we work around with your schedule. People taking care of your fire safety equipment need to be professionals as it can affect your workplace’s safety. No matter how critical the task is, our team members are the best in whatever they do. If you are not confident about your fire safety equipment, then remember that we, the fire blanket testing experts, are just a call away!

    With the right expertise and professional help, you can keep your workplace a safe place for your employees and workers. Just give us a call to find out how we can help and to get the best Adelaide fire solutions!

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